Cloud Solutions

Windows Azure

Windows Azure is a cloud platform providing a host of internet services. Microsoft Azure (PaaS – Platform as a Service) provides the developers with a familiar and flexible environment for creating application and services in cloud.

Applications developed in Azure are compatible across the data centers of Microsoft. Windows Azure – the cloud OS that serves as a run time environment for these applications, and services for the development, hosting and management of applications (managed off premises) come with Azure Service Platform.

Our Microsoft Azure developers has hands on experience and expertise in working with Microsoft Windows Azure features:

  • Automating Windows Applications Using Azure AppFabric Service Bus
  • Using Windows Azure AppFabric Cache (CTP) Windows Azure Storage
  • Developing GPS Runner Maps
  • Azure Blob and Entity Table Integration, Extending the Thumbnail Sample
  • Windows Azure Storage Blobs
  • Working with Images – Upload, Deep Zoom Viewing, Mark Out and Annotation
  • Windows Azure Development Deep Dive: Working With Configuration

Development with Microsoft Windows Azure:

  • Migration of on-premise applications and database from MySql or other RDBMs to SQL Azure
  • Building Microsoft SharePoint applications in the cloud with Windows Azure
  • Microsoft SQL Azure Enterprise Application Development
  • Building Web Applications with Microsoft SQL Azure & Microsoft Silverlight and Windows Azure
  • Visual WebGui applications running on Windows Azure
  • CRM Applications on Windows Azure

Features of Microsoft Windows Azure:

  • Compute – Web and Worker roles to host applications around the world.
  • Storage – Persistent and durable storage in the cloud via four core services.
  • Virtual Network – Networking functionality to connect on-premises and cloud applications.
  • Business Intelligence – Develop and deploy operational reports to the cloud using familiar tools.
  • Database – Highly available and scalable relational cloud database service.
  • Content Delivery Network – Deliver high bandwidth content through 24 global physical nodes.
  • Service Bus – Secure messaging capabilities for distributed and hybrid applications.
  • Marketplace – Buy and sell finished applications, data sets, components and more.
  • Virtual Machines – Deploy custom Windows Server 2008 R2 images to Windows Azure.
  • Caching – Distributed, in-memory application cache service.
  • Access Control – Standards-based service for identity and access control.

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