FinTech, Gold Loan

Gold loan software for Nidhi Company, NBFC, Urban Co-operative bank, Service Co-operative bank, Co-operative Societies, Microfinance

  • Can define various types of loans and its attributes.
  • Interest revisions for each type of loan that can be applied only to new loans or all existing loans.
  • Application processing.
  • Eligible amount calculation (based on weight and market value of gold).
  • User definable asset grading & NPA report.
  • Interest amount calculation from the given date and reverse calculation of interest- applied date from given amount.
  • Transaction history will be shown in tabular format on ledger entry screen.
  • Net liability of the loanee.
  • Report of comparison of market value of the gold with net receivable amount.
  • Gold stock register
  • Various types of arrear/ balance statements.