FinTech, Term Loan

Hire Purchase software, Home Loan software, Property Loan software, Agriculture Loan software, Vehicle Loan software, Education Loan software, Business Loan software for Nidhi Company, NBFC, Urban Co-operative bank, Service Co-operative bank, Society, Microfinance, Private banks, Money lenders

  • Can define various types of loans and its attributes. Loan sureties can be member, property, vehicle or a combination of these.
  • Interest revisions for each type of loan that can be applied only to new loans or all existing loans. The interest calculation take cares all the interest revisions
  • Application processing.
  • Recommended amount & installments calculation based on user definable parameters. ie, Shares held, salary, liability, arrears, retirement period, property value, share held by surety, salary of the surety, retirement period of the surety etc.
  • Committee recommendation report.
  • User definable asset grading & NPA Report.
  • Interest amount calculation from the given date and reverse calculation of interest-applied date from the given amount.
  • Transaction history on the ledger entry screen in tabular format.
  • Provision for EMI loans.
  • Supports multi-part payments.
  • Rebate calculation.
  • Automatic EMI installment amount calculation
  • EMI-installment amount could be recalculated and re-fixed based on interest revisions.
  • Net liability of the loanee and sureties.
  • Notice generation.
  • Various types of arrear/ balance statements.