FinTech, Cash Transaction Processing and Verification

Cash Transaction Processing and Verification software for or Nidhi Company, NBFC, Urban Co-operative bank, Service Co-operative bank, Society, Microfinance

  • Cashier Verification user interface in which details can be seen on a Daily basis.
  • Receipt and Payment transactions available in separate tabs for easier verification.
  • Provision for viewing Passed and Not Passed Transactions separately or together.
  • Passed / Un passed Status of associated transactions will be set automatically when user changes status of any one transaction.
  • Provision for Batch Processing of multiple vouchers to determine net payable or receivable.
  • q. Verification - Cash Book
  • r. Verification - Cashier Denomination
  • Cashier denomination in which user only has to input Cash Taken to Counter and Counter Closing Balance.
  • Cashier scroll net balances shown for easier balance determination and verification.