iBanking, Locker

Locker management software for Urban Co-operative bank, Service Co-operative bank, Society

  • User definable lockers.
  • User definable locker types based on cell dimensions of the defined locker.
  • Locker rent definition based on Locker types.
  • Provision for mapping key numbers to locker cells.
  • Provision for defining Bank Locker cell in a given locker.
  • Facility for Locker Rent revision.
  • Locker Application processing.
  • Graphical representation of locker and locker cell availability.
  • Storage of standing instruction for locker rent collection.
  • Locker rent notice generation.
  • Automated calculation of Locker dues.
  • Graphical representation of locker and locker cell status (Arrear, Joint, Disabled, Vacant, Occupied)
  • Rent revisions in the period concerned are also taken into account for Rent calculation.
  • Locker Transaction Log is maintained.