• iBanking Financials

iBanking Financials

iCrats' is the forerunner in introducing new features and are the leading software providers for NBFCs (Non-banking financial companies) in South India since 2003. We are the first to introduce ABB, Core Banking, Online Gold loan, Mobile banking, Analytics, Disaster Recovery, electronic record management, online recruitment tests, intranet, ad campaigning and are in the process of introducing Artificial Intelligence to scale new heights.

Powerful paperless file processing feature ensures quick processing and go green initiatives. It's fully customizable software to customize as per your requirement.

Salient Features:

  • Core Banking
  • Internet Banking
  • Mobile Banking
  • Interfacing Bio Metrics for Identification.
  • Fully automated paperless banking solution.
  • Guarantees calculator free operations.
  • Built In security module with client definable user types and access control up to individual fields.
  • MIS Statements, Graphical Reports, Statistical and Analytics for effective monitoring and decision-making.
  • Dynamic Balance Sheet at any time (Automatic calculation of Balance Sheet parameters including Payables and Receivables) and provision for Tentative Balance sheet.
  • Look Up provided for key fields in all modules for easier information retrieval.
  • Uniform screen layouts
  • Campaigning - SMS and Email campaigning from customer database.
  • Inspection - Planner, scheduler, Inspection logs, Records, Risk Categorisation, Alerts
  • Recruitment - Online Tests
  • Record Management
  • Loans - (Gold, Mortgage, Hire Purchase, Vehicle, Home, Property) n numbers of schemes Different Interest Rate on customer and geographical Interest Simple and Compounding (Quarterly / Monthly / Weekly) EMI - Compound Interest KYC - ID Proof, Photo, Signature etc.
  • Loan Approval System Installment schedule with payment details, late fee, processing fee, cheque return charges.
  • LTV calculation as per RBI guidelines

Our ardent belief is that the success of a product depends in its effective implementation and support. We have a set of experienced professionals who are capable of ensuring smooth implementation and support through a cost effective, well-timed and well-organized strategy. We also provide services for our customers to re-define their business processes in a cost-effective manner. Our well-trained and experienced support team provides training and ongoing support to ensure smooth running of iBanking even after implementation is over. We also provide offsite support for immediate customer assistance. We empower our clients by passing on our knowledge, skill and experience to enable them to work on their own. The periodical training programmes that we offers helps our customers to stay in touch with the latest developments in banking and technology and to brush-up their knowledge and skills