iHuman Capital Management

iHuman Capital Management

iHCM is crafted to create a better workplace. It automates and simplify HR operations with built-in modules Employee Self Service, Leave Management, Attendance, Payroll Management, Recruitment, Performance Appraisal and Administration. System follows an open architecture to customize existing modules the Way you Work and in seamless integration with 3rd party apps (such as Financial Accounting, SharePoint, WordPress, CRMs etc) to meet long term business goals.

iHCM is developed on latest technologies on web platform. Departments and project stakeholders can collaborate effectively as this is accessible from anywhere anytime on secure connectivity. It’s powerful and yet so easy to use that it makes people management easy and simple and can be performed in-house.

The below sections provide insight to the recommended solution from a functional and technical perspective.

  • One stop for all your HR needs with a few clicks.
  • Actionable analytics at your fingertips.
  • Transforms HR workflow and safeguards each process with administrative permissions.
  • Easy-to-use with little technical knowledge.
  • Alternatively supervisors can operate the system on behalf for computer illiterate.
  • Self-service enables employees to update their personal data and skill sets, monitor attendance logs, access security trimmed info about colleagues, printing salary slips, manage leaves, self-appraisal and do a whole host of other actions.
  • Seamless integration with 3rd party apps.
  • Use templates and get things off your plate – generate offer letters, Salary slips on few clicks.
  • Auto alerts are send out as emails or SMS so that HR can be sure that he you've sent the right info to the right people, right on time.


i) Dashboard - Less to remember, less to forget

Dashboard consists of widgets for reminder and alerts. These widgets are

  • Pay revision reminder
  • Upcoming Birthdays
  • Pending Leave Approvals
  • Contract Employees, contract renewal reminder
  • Retiring Employees
  • New Employees
  • Organization trees, a clear-cut illustration of the reporting structure.

ii) Employee Directories

Company-wide directories make it easy to find out vital information of colleagues like Photo, Designation, Department, Work Location, email and phone number. Paginated view of all employees in the company. Provision to search the employees with name.

iii) Employee List

A facility to search employees joined over a period of time (date range). Provision to exclude or include retired and resigned employees. Search results can be exported to either pdf or excel.

iv) KYC Details

View KYC details of employees and export as excel format.

v) CTC on Pay Revision

Projection on salary payout - Cost to company (CTC) or total amount of expenses against pay-revision on employees during one year.

vi) CTC on Paid

Cost to company (CTC) or total amount of expense paid on each employee during one year or a month. This includes salary-payout, incentives, vouchers, bonus and more

vii) All Employees

All vital information of employees can be viewed and exported to an Excel. Query window can filter results based on designation, location, qualification, salary range etc

viii) Pay revision Approval

All pay revisions has to be approved by HOD-Human Resource.

Employee Self Service

Self-service features help save time. Instant, online access for employees to update their personal data, and skill sets, log times, and check-in/out. Managers can access all info about subordinates, have control on approvals, leave management, and even track time for jobs.

i) Employee Profile

Employee Profile is a comprehensive database that has the complete information such as Date of Joining, Date of Confirmation, Increment Date, Employee Status, Pay Scale, Leave Approver, CUG Mobile, Fuel Card, PF Account Details, Permanent Account Number, Salary Bank A/C details, ESI Details, UAN details, Welfare details, Resign Date, Resign Remarks, Relieving Date, Retirement Date, Retirement Age, Date of Birth [Official], Date of Birth, Date of Marriage, Blood Group, Nationality, Gender, Family Details, KYC info – Personal, Spouse, Children and Parents, Skills, Career history and Education/Certification, training attended and transfer details, monitor Attendance

ii) Assets

Track assets given to employees at the time of their joining, such as a laptop, phones etc.

iii) Vacation and Leave Card

Employees can manage their vacation including leave application, cancellation, history, leave balance, details of leave taken and cancelled leaves.

iv) Pay Revisions

History of Pay revisions with payroll elements.

v) Payroll History

This sections shows the split up of month-wise salary. Site administrator can also configure whether employees to be given the privilege to generate and download their own pay slips.

vi) Transfer Details

You can view the employee transfer details here. HR maintains work location or internal transfer of employees promptly. The Modules are all tightly integrated and auto attendance, leave, payroll etc.

vii) Change Password

Employees can manage their credentials here.

Leave Management

Employee Self Service (ESS) portal completely shifts the responsibility of applying leave, its approval or rejection and comp-off granting to employees and their respective managers with near-zero HR intervention. System automate tracking and updating of leave balances of all employees.

  • Make your own rules, customizable leave management. It also means calculating leave entitlements, rollovers, and accruals is a whole lot easier.
  • Configurable holidays for each location if offices are in different states or countries
  • Employees can see how much leave they've taken, how much remains, and apply for time off from the web or their mobiles.

i) Leave Definition / Policy Setup

Leave definition provides the end user the flexibility to define company specific leave types. Types can be of Full Pay leave, Half Pay leave and Loss of pay with optional carry over feature. Leaves can be earned either on worked days or on fixed periodic allots. Leaves like casual leave, sick leave, maternity leave etc can be derived from the leave types.

ii) Opening balance

Manage Opening allot as part of employee joiner process and balance b/f during year-begin process.

iii) Earned leave

The leaves which are earned in the previous month/year and enjoyed in the preceding month/years. Earning is done automatically based on Leave policy. This can be done batch process or can be for a particular employee. Crediting can be done monthly, quarterly, half-yearly or yearly.

iv) Leave Transaction - Apply / Cancel

Enables employees to apply/cancel leave online. Leave balances and other business rules are checked while posting application. HR can manage leaves of employees’ behalf of applicants. They can also approve leave requests behalf of Approvers.

  • Leaves can be applied and approved online using the Employee Self Service modules.
  • Auto calculation of leave days based on leave policy.
  • Facility to track all leave taken by the employee.
  • Facility to cancel any Leave transactions
  • Facility to lapse Leaves - either automatically or manually
  • Loss of Pay Leaves can be linked to Payroll for automatic deduction in salary
  • Reporting managers / concerned person can apply leave behalf of an employee.

v) Leave Approver

Leave approver can be mapped for each employees. Leave applied will be automatically routed to the reporting manager /approver for approval.

vi) Leave Approval / Cancel Approval

All unapproved leave related request are listed here.

Both leave-application and leave-cancel requests are attached with multiple step workflows. When an employee raises a request, the workflow attached take that request to the concerned reporting manager and HR in parallel for approval. Approver’s action will trigger updates to leave balance, attendance, payroll if it’s LOP etc.

vii) COF Bucket

Managers or HRs can grant compensatory offs for the work carried out on off days or hours. These COFs can set to expire after certain days.

viii) COF Transaction

Employees can avail accumulated COFs. They can apply or cancel either self or a HR can apply behalf of others.

ix) Reports

Reports that detail the leaves taken and remaining for each employee. The LOP and Payroll reports will give you a count of the number of days to be paid for each employee or to be counted as Loss of Pay. Admins and managers can also get organization and department-wide reports.

  • Leave Register
  • Leave Register Details
  • Unapproved Leaves