Web Development & Intgeration

React / ReactJS

Backed by Facebook, Instagram & other community of developers, this JavaScript open source libraries creates Rich Internet apps where multiple events happen simultaneously with React and React Native.

React can render specific component of the page rather than a full-page refresh. For example, Facebook newsfeeds, real-time score updates, news updates, stock ticker etc.

With React.js, website can be split into reusable modules. The modular concept reduces the risk of depending one component for the entire application, time and costs for creating high-performance apps with appealing UIs.

By using React Native, we build single application that runs on all web browsers as well as near native mobile apps for iOS & Android devices.

We are one of the earlier adopters of React JS and have developed high performing and responsive isomorphic single page apps and Progressive Web Apps to deliver an app like experience to the users.

Our development service offerings

  • ReactJS interactive UI/UX development
  • ReactJS UI design and integration
  • ReactJS application development
  • ReactJS frontend development
  • ReactJS website development
  • ReactJS native mobile app development
  • ReactJS native plugin development
  • ReactJS migration
  • ReactJS social networking solutions
  • ReactJS template creation

Hire a dedicated team for ReactJS of any size (either offshore OR onsite OR hybrid as per your needs) for creating new applications, maintaining OR upgrading existing applications.