Web Development & Intgeration

Silverlight Applications

Silverlight from Microsoft is a framework for developing web applications. The functionalities provided by Silver light applications resemble those offered by Adobe Flash. Silver light enables integration of multimedia, animations, interactivity, and graphics into a single run time environment. This platform and browser independent framework supports .NET for developing and delivering online media experience that’s rich and highly interactive. This programming model is flexible and presents the developers and developers with choice of tools and languages. Silver light technology is taking web experience to a higher level with much improved interactivity.

Silverlight development services we offer:

  • Games
  • Flash to silverlight conversion
  • Migration of Windows Mobile Application
  • Silverlight UI/UX development (XAML based UI)
  • Bing Mapping Project – Bing Maps Integration
  • Built web services to feed data to silverlight business applications (requiring – Siverlight, WCF Web Service, SQL Server, IIS, ASP.NET)
  • Convert ASPX Page to Silverlight (IAR)(LABOR)
  • Built digital Signage software with WPF (Windows Presentation Foundation)
  • Superior programming blended with excellent motion graphics

We have a team of proficient and experienced .NET developers for creating superior blend of programming and motion graphics. Our expertise encompasses integrating videos, RIAs (Rich Internet Applications) development, AJAX applications to name a few. The vast experience of our developers is evident from the superlative design and functionality that they incorporate in your web site.

Hire a dedicated team for Silverlight of any size (either offshore OR onsite OR hybrid as per your needs) for creating new applications, maintaining OR upgrading existing applications.