Business Intelligence

Business Intelligence (BI)Consultancy

Organization’s success is dependent on how quick you can react and adopt to dynamic business environment. iCrats’ Microsoft BI practice drives Enterprise BI capabilities to effectively respond to market dynamics and take intelligent decisions. Our BI Consulting team helps organizations to drive action out of the data by extending BI solutions to all the critical areas of the organization right from operations to equipping market and customer facing teams to be market responsive.

iCrat’s expertise and proven industry experience in Microsoft BI platform will help organizations to implement the full range of Microsoft Business Intelligence products, ranging from ETL Development using SQL Server Integration Services, building an enterprise Data warehouse on the SQL Server platform and report development using SSRS.

Our BI Practice Capabilities:

  • SQL Server Database Engine is scalable platform for building large scale enterprise data warehouses in building consolidated Analytics solution.
    • Databases design & creation
    • Data access
    • Security controls implementations
    • Database engine administration
  • SQL Server Integration Services (SSIS) enables to consolidate data from disparate systems.
    • Data integration from disparate data sources
    • Build, manage and deploy scalable integration solutions
    • Provide a complete view of business by population the data warehouse integration services architecture, tools and utilities
  • SQL Server Reporting Services (SSRS) aids building interactive dashboards.
    • Deploying, administering and securing reporting services
    • Creating, managing, and presenting reports
    • Ad hoc reporting with report models
  • SQL Server Analysis Services (SSAS) empowers building 3D cubes/marts to slice and dice the metric data.
    • Unified view across business dimensions for advanced analytics.
    • Creation of data sources, views, cubes, dimensions etc
    • Designing data mining models