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Microsoft Viva

Empower employees and teams to their best

An employee experience platform, where people can feel connected, supported and be able to bring their very best to work.Globally, firms are adapting more flexible remote work practices and revaluating their spending and strategy to promote collaboration andlearning in the digital workplace.

What is Microsoft Viva?

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An organizing layer for employee experiences that takes advantages of the full breadth and depth of Microsoft 365 . Viva empowers teams to be their best, boost employee experience, productivity and people's well being.

Viva Connections - Emphasize culture and communication

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Keep everyone informed, connected and inspired to bring their best to work everyday.It helps your entire organization stay engaged and informed, giving everyone access to the tools they need.

Viva Insights - Balance productivity and wellbeing

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Provide data-driven, data protected insights to leaders, managers and employees to help everyone operate smarter and thrive.

Viva Topics - Harness knowledge and expertise

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Free up time by making it simple for users to find information and apply what they've learned. Viva Topics builds on and integrates with Microsoft Search.

Viva Learning - Accelerate skilling and growth

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Empower people to build targeted skills in the apps they already use, so everyone can learn and grow.From traditional learning courses to microlearning content, you can access a wide variety of modalities to match your culture and needs.

What we offer around Microsoft Viva

We, at iCrats, are the few early birds for over two decades to offer Microsoft innovations to it's global customers at an affordable cost. Our knowledge, experience, and expertise empower us to provide scalable Microsoft Viva Consulting Services as per your needs. The Viva Employee Experience Platform is an innovative new way for companies to connect and support their distributed teams. In a world where everyone is working from “anywhere”, Viva ensures that the workplace can be as flexible and scalable as possible.