HR Software administration

Fully configurable HR Software

i) General

Provision to maintain master list to use it across the iHRMS - new or update existing.
  • State
  • Department
  • Designation
  • City
  • Banks – corporate account
  • Skills
  • Companies
  • Qualifications
  • Specialization - like civil, finance, science, business, HR, systems etc
  • Institutes - education Institutes
  • Off days / Holidays - System considers holiday for leave management and attendance register.

ii) Employee / Security Administration

This module enables administrator to manage users and to set access privileges to modules or screens of iHCM.
  • User Managements
  • Employee joiner (new employee registration, portal access), branch transfer (transfer between locations) and leaver process (deactivate employee) are managed here.
  • Permission Managements
  • Users and roles are mapped here.
  • Role Management
  • Roles enable you to apply the same access rules to a group of users, such as managers, administrators, members, and so on. Every user in that role is granted the permissions that are defined for that role. After you have established roles, you can create access rules in your application. For e.g. Employee Self Service can be given access to all employees, but access to payroll and appraisal management module will be limited to the person concerned. Similarly, you might want to show or hide a page based on user’s role.

iii) Company

All information, general rules and policies are implemented here. This includes whether users to download PaySlip, Manual batch present marking, Compensatory off validity Period, Working Time (Start Time & End Time), Pay cut - Latecomers / Early Leavers, 1st Pay cut starts at, pay cut interval, Absent After, Absent Before

iv) Audit Trail

iHCM keeps an Audit Trail of changes made in processed Salary, Earned leave, pay revisions and Attendance. Audit Trail helps the organization administration track changes over a period. It describes what's the previous and current value besides who is affected, who did it and when