Azure Synapse consulting services

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Azure Synapse is a limitless analytics service that brings together enterprise data warehousing and Big Data analytics. The analytics combines data warehouse, data lake, machine learning, and data pipeline functionality in a seamless environment. It brings these disparate services together across to ingest, transform, query and store, so that data engineers, data scientists and database administrators can master one tool, and can build shared unified best practices for development, management and monitoring. Microsoft offer It as a PaaS service combining single workspace to collaborate, work and for all workloads when processing, managing and serving data for immediate business intelligence and data prediction needs.

It enables to handle and query huge amounts of information either on demand serverless (auto scales power on demand when large amounts of data are available) for data exploration and ad hoc analysis, or with provisioned resources, at scale.

  • Azure Synapse and Azure Databricks combine analytical, business intelligence and data science solutions with a shared Data Lake between services
  • Azure Data Lake as a data warehouse
  • Azure Data factory, SQL Data Warehouse, Analysis Services for data modeling
  • Azure Databricks for data science
  • Power BI for business analytics

Accelerate your Analytics adoption with a Microsoft Azure Synapse and iCrats. Whether you’re just beginning in the Datawarehouse and Analytics, or have years of experience developing on-premise, iCrats’s Microsoft Azure services team can help simplify and streamline the process of Azure-Analytics strategy, migrations and deployments, attributed to our highly skilled and experienced data engineers, data scientists, DWH and BI consultants.

Hire a dedicated team of Hire Azure Synapse consultants, Hire Azure Data factory consultants, Hire Azure Databricks consultants of any size (either offshore OR onsite OR hybrid as per your needs) for creating new applications, maintaining OR upgrading existing applications.