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KnockoutJS is a lightweight and standalone JavaScript framework using Model-View-View Model (MVVM) architecture. It was developed and is maintained as an open source project by Steve Sanderson.

KnockoutJS is used to build scalable, responsive, visually rich UI and editor user interfaces with an underlying data model. Knockout provides straightforward way to connect to a web app’s existing data model to create rich dynamic UI. This is where KnockoutJS development outstands other frameworks in developing web apps - simplifies synchronization between client-side and server-side.

Unleash the power of Knockout.js with iCrats, leading Knockout web development company, to build rich, responsive, interactive web simple to complex web applications on MVVM pattern.

Our KnockoutJS development service offerings are

  • Knockoutjs Development Services
  • Knockoutjs Enterprise Application Development
  • Knockoutjs FrontEnd development
  • KnockoutJS Component Development
  • KnockoutJS Dynamic Dashboards
  • KnockoutJS Application Migration
  • KnockoutJS Code Optimization
  • KnockoutJS Re-engineering Services
  • KnockoutJS Integration Services

Hire a dedicated team for Knockout.js of any size (either offshore OR onsite OR hybrid as per your needs) for creating new applications, maintaining OR upgrading existing applications.