Enterprise Mobility Solutions

Windows Mobile Applications

Windows Operating System has acquired its reputation because of its user warm and user friendly interface. With the launch of Windows 8, phone, desktop, tablet, and TV can all give you a unified Web and entertainment experience. Users can browse the Internet, use e-mail, keep track of schedules and contacts, and manage business documents using Microsoft online apps. Windows Phone also allows you to utilize the power of hundreds of third-party applications to increase efficiency and boost productivity.

iCrats have experienced designers and techies in Windows Phone and Windows 8 platform working on the metro UI. We have helped many of our new and past customers to migrate their apps to the new and exciting Metro UI. We develop quality Windows Phone 8 Applications that are creative, responsive, competitive and at the same time robust and reliable.

Our team of Windows Phone app developers are experienced in delivering XAML-based apps using the Silverlight framework as well as interactive, entertainment applications based on the XNA framework.

Our technical strength on Windows Phone 8 Programming includes proficiency in:

  • Windows 8 Metro UX ( WinRT API) technology
  • XAML /C# or DirectX/C++ native code development for apps and games
  • HTML5/CSS3 programming
  • Strong experience in .Net Framework
  • Our developers are familiar with the intricacies of the new Metro Style design and can develop Windows 8 Metro apps which can be deployed on both x86/64 and ARM devices. We have the nimbleness and the depth to deal with both small and large projects and can provide desktop, mobile and tablet versions of the apps.

Our experience with Handheld devices and related technologies go a back a long way. We have kept pace with the rapid evolution and have executed numerous projects on Windows Mobile Operating system on devices ranging from PocketPCs to Smartphones. Our expertise goes from mobile apps development from Windows CE operating system to Windows Mobile 5.0 to Windows Phone 7.0 and now to Windows Phone 8. Besides, we are a Microsoft Gold Partner and have certified developers with strong experience and familiarity in Microsoft technologies.