Outsourcing to iCrats

Managed IT Support Services

Offshore Technical Support Services can help enterprises reduce employee’s number, save cost, receive latest IT technical information in time and more professional offshore Technical Support Services. On the other hand, the offshore technical support service can help enterprises set focus on their core business.

Owning the professional IT support team, iCrats can provide our customers with low cost, high value Offshore Technical Support Services by means of the strictly defined project management process, the quality assurance system and completed service system.

We are committed to protect our client’s Intellectual Property Rights(IPR), a set of technical flexible ways are widely used in our Offshore Centers to strictly oversight the IPR, including access control entry, video surveillance, and 24 hour security personnel. Any Technical Support Services have been used to protect IPR, like, all projects are self-contained in private facilities and are never co shared, each project are contained in Virtual Private Networks with client’s network and protected by network firewalls. To ensure continuity and stability of the project, the offshore technical services with Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity Plans are established for each Offshore Center, backups are saved regularly in dual locations.

Hire a dedicated team for IT support services of any size (either offshore OR onsite OR hybrid as per your needs) for creating new applications, maintaining OR upgrading existing applications.

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