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Offshore Development Center (ODC)

Offshore Development Center (ODC) has become more and more important in iCrats software outsourcing solutions. To create a successful ODC, core requirements such as advantageous offshore resources and intelligent software professionals with strong technical capabilities are essential. With an ODC, clients can easily scale team sizes up or down as necessary and redirect the cost savings into the company's core business goals. ODC is a dedicated development center built for a particular customer to meet its requirement of developing, testing and maintenance work. It is a proven method to expand customer's developing capability with low cost, high quality and low risk. This model is best for:

  • Long term cooperation between service provider and customer
  • Software product research and development/large scale software system developing and maintenance

The feature of Offshore Development Center (ODC):

  • Offshore operation, located outside of the client's country
  • Dedicated team built according to customer's requirement
  • Time and Material business model
  • Isolated working zone and separated network if required
  • Work driven by statement of work from client

iCrats specializes in establishing and managing Offshore Development Center (ODC) for clients who are interested in establishing dedicated teams in India. Offshore Development Center (ODC) is very useful for clients who want to have their own captive operations but do not want to deal with the logistics, offshore risks, and investment of setting up their own captive offshore center. In addition, managing teams in India can be quite challenging because of language and cultural issues. iCrats specializes in setting up Offshore Development Center (ODC) in India has the needed expertise in outsourcing delivery models and the infrastructure to jump start your initiative. With iCrats Offshore Development Center (ODC) model, we deliver measurable benefits: Cost savings, development cycle decrease, productivity increase and etc. Combine mature processes, start of the art technology, high quality and seasoned project teams, iCrats provide the best Offshore Development Center (ODC) services to customers.

Hire a dedicated team for outsourcing centre of any size (either offshore OR onsite OR hybrid as per your needs) for creating new applications, maintaining OR upgrading existing applications.

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