Outsourcing to iCrats

Outsourcing to India

Offshore software development is great business opportunity for western companies who want low cost with high quality. Today, India has become the important role in offshore software development market. India has three main advantages you can benefit:

  • Strong political support The government considers the outsourcing industry is the key to economic growth in the future. It lists down software and IT related service development as a focal point. In all levels, the government has launched or is about to launch policies to support the development of outsourcing, adopt measures that are more positive and effective, and encourage MNCs to transfer sizable outsourcing work to India.
  • Educated workforce India produces a great number of engineers and IT technicians every year. In addition, India’s employee turnover rate is lower than 15%, compared with that of competitor countries. Another favorable condition is the low labor cost. To further promote education in the outsourcing field, the MOC and other state agencies have launched a series of special outsourcing training programs.
  • Mature infrastructure Following 20 years of economic development, India’s transportation, telecommunications, and network infrastructure has grown and improved rapidly, some reached the international standards of developed countries. Compared with other developed countries, India’s transportation, telecommunications, and network infrastructure are more cost effective, providing a solid foundation for the outsourcing business. India also has obvious advantages over other service providers, including high speed Internet and broadband access, stable and uninterrupted dual power supply in main software sites. The low cost of IT infrastructure hardware further strengthens India’s cost advantages. In terms of India’s software environment, it has a good cultural environment, many outsourcing parks that are ideally located, as well as many comprehensive support facilities providing convenience to service providers, all of which significantly attract local and international service providers.

Why iCrats?

  • With many years of experience, we offers you a proven track record of success in delivering top talent on a contract, contract-to-hire, direct placement basis. In the growing business market where highly skilled and specialized resources are required, our consultants are adding value to leading companies across the globe.
  • As the leading software outsourcing company, iCrats has worked on number of outsourcing projects and got a great success in the last five years. We understand that every project is unique and every situation is different. Therefore, we offer a very flexible set of service models to our clients depending on what their short and long term goals are. Our service model offerings include Offshore Center, Technical Consulting, Managed Service, and Technical Staffing which can all be tailored to meet the specific needs of the client.
  • iCrats provides top level software development and testing engineers for Global clients at cost effective rates. We provide a viable option for companies to explore their projects with professional project management, mature processes, technically strong engineers, and experience. Facts have proved that iCrats has become the global software outsourcing partner, we can create great business opportunity and success for your core business value.

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