Attendance & payroll software

Payroll and timekeeping software

Track time and attendance with ease. It eliminate errors of manual data entry through automated data syncing. Effortlessly consolidate attendance data from multiple swiping devices. Attendance Management system features define attendance policies, track every employee’s in/out time, record work-from-home/out-duty attendance, and much more. System support both browser-based and biometric attendance. These devices are designed to integrate directly with cloud-based servers, giving you real-time data about who's clocked in/out of your office.
  • Interfacing with swiping and biometric machines
  • Periodic Data Import from devices
  • Time & Attendance register
  • SMS Integration (late comers)
  • Attendance Data Management

i) Attendance Dashboard

Displays employees count present or in office Location wise. It offers reports that gives attendance summary on real-time basis - reports for individual employees, or for all. Filters for custom date ranges and locations help drill down even deeper. Attendance Tracker for employees keep a tab on employees with attendance management. Knowing employees absences in real time will help you plan the day ahead.

ii) Import Attendance

Manual import of data downloaded from swiping/biometric machines in case of network failure. System supports both incremental and full import of data.

iii) Punching data

Shows all swipe-ins and swipe-outs of employees. This is raw data from attendance machine. System is integrated with devices like ESSL.

iv) Attendance register

Shows attendance Register for the day / for a period. This can be filtered on location.
  • Register captures Absent, Present, Out Station duty- Full day/Half day, Leave-Full day/ Half day, Compensatory off – Full day/half day.
  • Manual attendance can be marked in a batch in few clicks.

v) Reprocess – Process to Trigger sync with device data.

Apply LOP Leaves – Loss of Pay leaves can be marked in batch for those who are absent. This process won’t mark LOP for those who are on leave, Comp-0ff, Outstation/on-site duty etc.

vi) Apply LOP Leaves with SMS

Absence scheduler convert absences to Loss of pay leaves automatically. It triggers Loss of Pay leaves and sends-out emails for those who are absent for the day.

vii) Over Time and Late Cutting

Over time and late coming calculation policies, if any can be defined. System applies Loss of pay to employees once the defined exceptions are crossed.

viii) Integration with biometric or other attendance devices

Integration enables capture check-in and check-out of all employees.

ix) Reports

Attendance Register – Users can generate attendance register report for a period of time. Users can also filter this results using the location and attendance status.