Recruitment management software

Talent recruit software

A module that takes the frustration out of the recruiting team. The module automates the recruitment process which includes archive resumes, search systems to filter out the right candidates from hundreds of applications, less paperwork, easy process flows and simplified advertising. The recruitment software that improve recruiter productivity - increase hiring pipeline, build resume bank, speed up hiring, get faster joiners, automate resume parsing.

It enables recruiters to Posts Job openings on iHCM and the same will get reflected on the Organization business website. Resumes submitted or a job applied at the business website will be stored in iHCM resume bank for easy search. For the said integration the website provider should allow HCM to interface with the organization's website.

i) Opportunities

Add/Manage all the job opening in the company.

ii) Profile Search

A comprehensive search with several filter criteria to find out appropriate candidates for the job opening.

iii) Interview Perfrormance Results

An area to record the interview Perfrormance. Used to track the interview progress.