Centralized Business Analytics software

Business Inteligence and Analytics software for Money lenders and KML

In the past few years, iCrats introduced BI and Analytics in the Money lenders company segment have led to significant technological innovations enabling data-driven capabilities to increase growth and profitability, to lower costs and improve efficiencies, to drive digital transformation, and support risk and regulatorycompliance priorities. 

a. Interactive dashboards

  • User definable templates.
  • User definable items of comparison.
  • Infinite combination of items to perform comparison.
  • Consolidated bank (Head Office) as well as Branch wise performance over a period.
  • Enables efficient monitoring and decision making by board of directors.

b. Analytic charts

  • Enables efficient monitoring and timely decision making by board of directors.
  • Consolidated bank (Head Office) as well as Branch wise position as on the date.

c. Risk Analysis

  • Template based RBI statements.
  • User definable head details
  • Provision for retrieving previous department filings.

d. Balance Sheet Template

  • Dynamic anytime Departmental balance Sheet with reserves, payables & receivables.
  • Dynamic anytime Balance Sheet from user defined templates.
  • Provision for retrieving previous Balance Sheets/template.
  • Branchwise ad Consolidated R&D, General Ledger, Balance Sheet