Gold Loan management software

Gold loan management software for Money lenders, Online GOld loan software for Money lenders, Gold loan software for KML

A gold loan is a credit provided by accepting gold ornaments or bars or coins as a collateral from a customer. It is a fully secure kind of loan where gold is taken as a collateral and a part of the value of gold is sanctioned as the loan amount. A very lean due diligence process more or less an Instantaneous loan against physical precious metal. It does not depend on income but on the valuation of the gold being pledged.

It is very important for Money lenders embrace smart technology to ride this growth wave efficiently. With our deep knowledge and experience in precious loan management software since 1999, we at iCrats offer unmatchable core-banking feature-rich gold loan management software for Money lenders with an optional online gold loan management software.

The Gold loan software for Money lenders is designed in such a way that our customers enjoy a single point for loan application processing, approval and disbursal, loan ledger, customer information, kyc/ckyc, gold details, interest schedule, monitoring, collection, reporting, closure, renewal, reminders and notices, auction procedure, risk analysis and more.

Salient features of Gold loan management system for Money lenders includes
  • Centralized Settings and Operations viz. Products or scheme Configuration, Charges Configurations, Interest Activities of various gold loans.
  • Option to apply Scheme customization and interest revisions regionwise and branchwise
  • Option to apply interest revison to new loans or on all existing loans
  • Eligible amount calculation based on weight, purity and market value of gold
  • Loan register or ledger with customer and ornament photos, printouts of register, token, voucher
  • Gold stock register and Inventory tracking of pledged items
  • Interest amount calculation from the given date and reverse calculation of interest applied date from given amount
  • Automated penalty capture and recalculates receivable on overdue loans
  • Transaction history will be shown in tabular format on ledger entry screen
  • Integrated financial accounting module
  • Prevent potential frauds with the audit trails and optional activity logs
  • Realtime liability of the loanee
  • User definable asset grading & NPA report, NPA & bad debt classification
  • Upload ready downloadable RBI reports including cibil report
  • Various types of arrear/ balance statements
  • Customizable reports with an option to export to excel and pdf formats