iBanking suite for Money lenders

India's 1st Core Banking software for Money Lenders

iBanking is a collection of banking software applications developed by iCrats which enables complete automation for banks, NBFCs companies, Co-operative banks, Nidhi Companies, Private banks, Credit Unions, Money lenders and co-operative societies. It was developed from ground up with close interaction with experts in respective banking domain and has took nearly 25000 man days for development. It not only benefited from our technical expertise and domain knowledge but also leveraged from fine tuning the problems and hurdles faced by users during implementation. The architecture of the system makes it highly scalable with the anticipated future growth and expansions.

We follow open standards and our applications can be hosted on Linux or on Microsoft platforms.

All of our products are available on both cloud and on-premise depending own your choice. You may choose a subscription model suitable for you whether if is a Software as a service (SaaS) model, private cloud or an fully self-controlled on-premise model

We lead others follow in innovation in Co-operative banking sector, NBFCs and credit unions in South India – Kerala and Tamil Nadu.
  • Branch Banking since 1999
  • Any Branch Banking since 2002
  • Core Banking Solutions since 2003
  • Disaster Recovery sites since 2004
  • SMS alerts and campaigning module since 2005
  • Integrated mobile Applications and hand-held machines - for collection agents, employees and users since 2006
  • ATM interfacing and Intranet, since 2007
  • Internet banking since 2009
  • NEFT /RTGS since 2010
  • Mobile banking since 2011
  • Biometric authentication and Human Capital Management since 2012
  • Online repayment since 2013
  • GST since 2017
  • Aadhaar Verification since 2018
  • CKYC Verification since 2018
  • Direct payment integration since 2019
  • Moratorium since 2020
  • Our systems are secured by multi level authentication/authorization and SSL systems.
  • Administration (Application, Business Products, User Management, Security) - User privileges upto View/Edit/New, Audit Interfaces, Audit logs, Activity logs and Audit trails.

We ensure secure banking by preparing our clients for
  • Disaster Recovery Policy and guidelines Implementation and Auditing
  • Information System Policy and guidelines, Implementation and Auditing
  • Cyber Security Policy and guidelines, Implementation, Auditing
  • Vulnerability Assessment and Penetration Testing (VAPT)