Debenture management software

NBFC software for NCD or Debenture management, Bonds management and Subordinated debt management

Debenture, Bonds and Subordinated debt tracking can be extremely complex without the proper retail banking software. To ensure your NBFC is properly managing NCD deposits and withdrawal process, we automate the process end-to-end paperless, calculation free with full audit trail.
  • User definable debenture, bond and subordinated debt schemes types and its attributes.
  • For a given debenture, bond and subordinated debt type, different interest rates can be set for different customer types for a period.
  • Provision to capture rates for Loan on debenture, bond and subordinated debt.
  • Series Definition, automatic generation.
  • Debenture, bond and subordinated debt Application, Certificate Printing
  • Interest Payment, Put and Call Option
  • Joint account operation for debenture, bond and subordinated debt holders.
  • Provision to capture Operator/Nominee/Guardian details.
  • Provision to freeze accounts.
  • Cash Transaction limit verification during payment.