Term/Secured/Unsecured Loan Software

Loan management software for NBFC, Loan software

iCrats' offer comprehensive core-banking loan management software for NBFC to manage a broad range of loan products. It's a leading RBI complaint loan Management Software for NBFC right from loan origination to closing with a built-in CKYC module, online payment and repayment options, and more.

NBFC Software for Personal loan management, NBFC Software for Business loan management, NBFC Software for Start-up loan management, NBFC Software for Working capital loan management

A personal loan or business loan or start-up loan or working capital loan or is offered by financial institutions to a self-employed or salaried person or for a small business without collaterals or security.

NBFC Software for Mortgage loan management, NBFC Home loan management, NBFC Property loan for NBFC management

A Mortgage Loan is provided for purchasing a property - home loan, land loan and more. It is a fully secured high-value loan which is issued keeping the property as a mortgage.

NBFC Software for Vehicle loan management, NBFC software for Vehicle loan management

An auto loan is a loan provided for purchasing a new and used vehicle. This is a fully secured loan where the vehicle is considered as collateral.

Salient features of the loan management software for NBFC are
  • Electronically driven not document driven - paperless and calculator free processing
  • Single platform for loan application processing, document submission, data collection, approval, disbursal, monitoring, collection, reporting to closure.
  • Define and manage term loan schemes, interest revisions and processing fee
  • Interest revisions for each type of loan that can be applied only to new loans or all existing loans. The interest calculation take cares all the interest revisions
  • Provision for Equated Daily/Weekly/Monthly Installment (EDI, EWI, EMI)
  • Loan application recommendation report
  • Surety or guarantor can be customer, property, vehicle, income or a combination of these
  • Rules-based auto calculation of interest rate, finance charges, eligible amount, late payment charges etc
  • Installment collection - standing instruction to auto-debit EMIs, online direct payment
  • Applicant and Co-applicant loan
  • Schedule for EDI, EWI and EMI
  • KYC Compliance
  • Integrated financial accounting
  • Recommended amount & installments calculation based on user definable parameters
  • Interest amount calculation from the given date and reverse calculation of interest-applied date from the given amount
  • User definable asset grading & NPA Report
  • Transaction history on the ledger entry screen in tabular format
  • Supports multi-part payments
  • Rebate calculation
  • EMI-installment re-fix upon interest rate revisions or varying
  • Net liability of the loanee and sureties
  • Notice generation
  • Various types of arrear/ balance statements